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Dryer Vent Services

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

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Prevent Dryer Vent Fires

Get your dryer vent cleaned annually.

The dryer is an appliance found in almost every home and we use it weekly if not daily. Its main purpose is to take the heat and moisture out of your clothes, then to exhaust it through a vent to the outside. Dryers can be vented long distances and generally installed with bends. This creates more places where lint can collect and birds can nest. The last thing you are likely to be thinking about is the condition of your dryer vent.

Possible Dirty Dryer Vent Problems Include:

  • Appliance Efficiency – A dirty vent waste energy, time, and money. Because the dryer will run longer than necessary.
  • Wear and Tear – A Dryer taking twice as long to dry clothes will cut its lifetime in half and lead to expensive repairs.
  • Carbon Monoxide – Gas dryers that are not exhausting correctly can cause carbon monoxide back up into the home.
  • Obstructions – We have found nesting, dryer sheets, and pieces of clothes; along with lint so thick it blocks the vent.
  • Fire and Property Damage – Your dryer and/or vent can ignite as a result of overheating and over worked safety controls.

We have the solution for you.

Our service will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer No Mess Cleaning with our state-of-the-art equipment and tools. A dryer vent cleaning includes a visual inspection to make sure it is visibly sound. The Consumer Product Safety Commission released a safety report called Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires. It states in the report to “check the dryer vent and exhaust vent periodically to ensure that exhaust air is escaping.” Make dryer vent examinations with Arizona Chimney & Air Ducts a regular part of your home maintenance. For the safety of you and your family, Contact us today to schedule your cleaning and inspection.

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